Vincent Vella D.D.S. is one of many small businesses in Rochester, NY. Like any small to medium-sized business, we rely on the help of experts to successfully navigate the world of payroll, employee benefits, and general HR support. Bene-Care Agency has our complete trust when it comes to these important matters. As a local business with more than 45 years of experience in its field, Bene-Care continually delivers beyond our expectations.

With 2020 throwing a lot of different monkey wrenches in the system, it’s imperative that our office remains current with the constantly evolving regulations for employee benefits, business insurance, payroll, and HR. It’s a new world for us all, and Bene-Care has allowed our practice to seamlessly navigate these roads thanks to their expertise in the field.

If you operate a small local business, you know how important it is to have confidence in the operation of these systems. That’s what we have with Bene-Care and their advanced technologies. We’re proud to be a client of their and we’re truly thankful they’re a local business we can count on year after year.

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