Oh Donuts Delite, how we love thee. It’s true that we could compile a list of our 12 favorite donuts here and feel like we’re just getting started–and that’s before even mentioning everything else they make! So, where do you start? Well, we could go back to the 19th century to the root of The Malley family’s legacy in baking. But we’ll skip ahead to 1958. That’s because over 60 years ago Rochester, NY got its first incredible taste of Donuts Delite. With a rotating menu of more than 80 donut options, it’s no wonder why everyone raves about everything on the menu.

But to mention Donuts Delite, it’s important to also mention another local legend who has allowed its legacy to endure. In 2010, Salvatore “Soccer Sam” Fantauzzo, CEO and founder of the famous Salvatore’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria, was able to purchase the landmark building where Donuts Delite operated until 2005 when it closed. With help from the Malley family, Salvatore’s at the Historic Donuts Delite Building was able to re-open in 2010 featuring all the original donut recipes Rochestarians had come to crave. Now celebrating a decade of re-introducing the ROC to those tasty treats, the cravings are as strong as ever–with lines often out the doors. It’s possible you’ve driven by Donuts Delite late in the evening, when maybe you realized folks were inside prepping for the morning rush. That’s because their night crew works tirelessly every day to make sure we get the best of the best bright and early.

It’s completely fair to say that once you have anything from Donuts Delite, you’ll never forget it and you’ll be back for more–and often! Oh and our favorites? Whichever donut we’re currently eating, of course. (Plus a cannoli donut…always a cannoli donut!) Thanks to Donuts Delight and to Salvatore’s for creating and maintaining such a wonderful legacy in the heart of Rochester, NY. After all, Donuts Delite everybody!

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