Rochester, NY and Italian food–it’s as natural a pairing you’ll find in Western New York. Time and again, we’re drawn to Ristorante Lucano–a truly authentic Italian restaurant featuring Northern and Southern Italian fare. A great deal of that draw is of course the incredible food, but also the true family atmosphere owners Chuck and JoAnn Formoso and their daughter Adriana instill. From the moment you set foot inside, you feel at home. You feel like you’re arriving for Sunday sauce with family.

But back to the food–seriously, it may be the finest Italian in town. Everything at Ristorante Lucano is steeped in authenticity. You can tell the Formosos are proud of their heritage and they take great care in offering the finest fresh and imported ingredients every day. It’s impossible to choose wrong from their menu. It all depends on how hungry you are! The antipasti, insalate and zuppa dishes all have a savory elegance about them. So too, are the main courses–simply stunning in both presentation and taste. Of course, you may have leftovers unless you can’t resist sharing! But do make sure you save room for dessert. That’s because they offer some of the finest Italian sweets in town. Did we mention they have a Specialty Shoppe just a few doors down from the restaurant?

Because Ristorante Lucano is rich in family and tradition, many in Rochester consider it a hidden gem. Whether you order off their menu or enjoy something from the Shoppe, you can enjoy a little bit of their Italian luxury at home. We’re incredibly thankful to have Ristorante Lucano in Rochester, NY!

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