Here at Vincent Vella D.D.S., we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize some of our favorite local businesses during the holiday season. This year has been unlike any before in our generation, and we’re compelled to give a shout out to those places that have meant so much to us in our daily lives and also some that allow us to treat ourselves when we truly need it. (Well, maybe even when we don’t REALLY need it!)

Starting Sunday, we’ll begin highlighting our 12 favorite local businesses for 2020. Of course we’d love to hear from you so feel free to drop a note in the comments section of the blog or even join in with a list of local businesses that are important to you. If you’re social about it, tag us so we can enjoy what moves you!

Now, more than ever, we believe it’s important to smile. Hopefully this endeavor will bring on to your face because you know we love to see you #smilemorewithdrvella


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